"The Color String Guitar Method is a fantastic way to learn to play the guitar.  Our daughter started and the age of 7.  Within 2 years she can play complex songs, many chords, and know the names of the notes.  The 3 Book method progresses in such an engaging way tha our daughter wants to practice everyday!!"


                                                          Columbus, OH

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       The Color String Guitar Method is the most effective lesson tool for a beginning guitar student.  It starts very easily by using multi-colored strings and a rainbow staff.

These allows for quick understanding and 


The three part series — written specifically for colored strings — includes valuable techniques, music theory, songs, an accompanying 10 part video for Book 1, downloadable tracks to play along with. By completion of the third book, the student will have an understanding of chords, melody, the ability to read tablature and treble clef.


    "My kids have never played guitar before joining Mr. Jesse's Color String Guitar Class 1 year ago.  He is patient, kind, and passionate about music.

        With the help of Mr. Jesse's CSGM, my kids have made progress beyond my expectations.  I hear them play chords and familiar songs and they keep improving. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to teaching them. You ROCK!"


                                                 Columbus, OH