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Frequently asked questions

How many lessons do I pay for?

It is required to pay for the upcoming month of lessons. If you request a 30 minute lesson, at $30/lesson, the cost will be $120-$150 depending on if the month has 4-5 lesson weeks. The same applies for 60 minute lessons. All group lessons are based on a 4 lesson/month basis.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

If you know that you will not be able to take a lesson. Please let us know. We will adjust acordingly. We require a 24 hr cancellation notice. If you have an emergency we understand. If you have a last minute cancellation you will be charged the full amount. We will do our best to reschedule any missed lessons.

Do I participate in a recital?

We encourage each student, and group to participate in our yearly recital. Columbus, OH- Woodland's Tavern Athens, OH- Arts West

How long does it take until I, or my child, can play a song?

It depends on 2 things. How naturally the intstrument is learned, but mainly, HOW MUCH TIME IS SPENT PLAYING MUSIC. a wise man once said "Nothing can go wrong while you are seated with your guitar"

What are Social Distance Lessons?

Teachers will come to your house and teach on the porch, patio, or in the garage. Teachers will maintain a 6 ft distance. Our teachers will also wear a mask and sanitize their hands before and after lessons.

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