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Our Programs


Private Lessons  (online or socially distant outdoor)

Provide the most personalized instruction.  Each coarse is created based on the student's interests and goals. The instructor constructs the lesson to promote musical growth that will engage every student with exciting material.

Piano, Guitar, and Bass.

                                                30 minute                          60 minute

                                  Online:      $25                                       $48

                   Social Distance:     $30                                       $56

"I've been taking guitar lessons with Home Made Music for about 3 years.  The past 18 months has been in a group setting with other ladies.  It is such a wonderful way to learn!  My friend and I have started playing together a lot.  It gives us a little friendly competition to keep up with each other.  It's the motivation I needed to really improve my playing.   I always say if Home Made Music Lessons and their great teachers can teach me, they can teach anyone!  I highly recommend them"



                                                              Grandview, OH


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Group Lessons

Group lessons are a team effort.  Students are placed in groups based on ability level and experience.  Learning music with others creates unique personal bonds while  challenging each member to play their part and keep up with the beat.  Also, a little friendly competition and accountability is good for the soul. 

3-5 students per class.  We offer an intensive group class 2-1hr lessons per week

60 minute - $65

NEW     NEW      NEW

Guitar with Spanish (online only)

Learn guitar and Spanish simultaneously.   Homemade Music is happy to introduce our new teacher, Joaquin.  He lives in Argentina, is bilingual, an amazing guitarist and teacher.  Joaquin will not only help a student improve their guitar techniques, but also can help a student learn Spanish and South American Culture and Music.

30 minute - $25

60 Minute -  $48

Group Guitar Lessons:

Boys and Girls Club of Columbus, OH


"Mr. Jesse and the Home Made Music teachers have made a great impact on the members of The Boys & Girls Club. 

   The Color String Method has been an easy and efficient way for the kids, as young as 6, to learn.  We are thankful that our members have this musical opportunity.  Our new music/guitar program has improved behavior, commitment to academics, and overall attendance for all of our involved members."     

                                                                       --Miss Lizz 

Women's Group Guitar:

"Jesse's approach  makes learning the guitar fun and easy.  While we are learning chords, notes, songs, and theory, there is a feeling of comradery.

Learning as a group makes me more inspired to practice.  There is no feeling of pressure, just FUN!!"


                                                                    Columbus, OH

Women's Group Guitar (Social Distance only)

Women's Group Guitar is a blast.  Women gather once a week with a revolving host.  The class is very relaxed.  We learn new scales and chords in order to play favorite songs of the group.  Singing is highly encouraged!! 

3-5 women per class

60 minute - $70